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So Close

The Five American Players Who Just Missed the Cut

By its very nature, the ASN 100 must leave out a few hardy and talented souls. We take a look at the players who were oh so close, but just not quite good enough. But hey, there's always next month.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 04, 2012
5:22 AM
The December ASN 100 is out and Michael Bradley is the new No. 1. But let's talk about the guys on the other end of the scale; the guys who just missed.

Bobby Convey had a rough month, falling eight spots from 97th to 105th. Andy Gruenebaum also continued his downward trajectory, dropping to 104th after being 102nd last month and 92th in our initial ranking.

That said, there's always hope. Both Steve Clark (103rd) and Will Packwood (105th) were in this space in November. Now they sit 93rd and 94th, respectively. Here are the men poised to make a charge. (Smart money's on Silva to break into January's ASN 100.)

101. Chris Wingert
102. Luis Silva
103. Frank Simek
104. Andy Gruenebaum
105. Bobby Convey
Who do you think will make it next month? Who in the ASN 100 will find themselves in this space on January 1st?

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