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Robbie Rogers Opens Up on "Chelsea Lately"

The Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder announced that he was a homosexual earlier this year, retired, and then unretired. Last night he appeared on the outrageous talk show, "Chelsea Lately."
BY John Godfrey Posted
August 23, 2013
11:09 AM
MY WIFE RECORDS Chelsea Lately every night and watches it the following morning with her coffee. If I'm around, I'll often hear her howling with laughter from the den as I read or write some soccer-related somethingorother from the living room. Sometimes my wife insists that I stop what I'm doing and come watch a segment with her. It's usually pretty hilarious.

A couple of minutes ago, my wife bellowed from the den: "Do you know a 'Robbie Rogers'?"

I quickly put two-and-two together and figured that Handler, who is obsessed with gay culture, had invited Rogers, the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder who came out earlier this year, onto her show. And yep, she did.

Handler is Howard Stern-like in her inappropriateness, and is known for asking interviewees the sorts of questions that traditional journalists would never consider. And sure enough, she did. Rogers, who must have known what he was getting into, played along—talking about jokes made in the Galaxy showers, for instance.

While this conversation is tame by Handler standards, it does delve into a few topics that probably wouldn't make it into your typical sportswriter-driven interview. Check it out, and leave your thoughts below.

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