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Report: Steven Gerrard to Join L.A. Galaxy in August

Frank Lampard may or may not be joining New York City FC, but according to an ESPN report longtime international teammate Steven Gerrard will leave Liverpool at the end of the season for L.A.
BY John Godfrey Posted
January 03, 2015
5:03 PM
MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER is increasingly looking like a league of Haves and Have Nots: Big stars get the big bucks, while the rank and file has to make do with the scraps. And why is that Los Angeles and New York franchises always seem to make the splashy signings?

After a series of rumors and innuendos, ESPNFC reported Saturday that Steven Gerrard will join join Major League Soccer's marquee franchise, the Los Angeles Galaxy, on an 18-month contract. The 34-year-old Liverpool midfielder is set to the join the club after the current English Premier League season is over. He will be paid $6 million a year, according to the report, making him one of the highest paid players in the league.

The high-profile, high-cost signing comes at a contentious time for the league, which is deep in negotiations with the MLS Players Association on a new collective bargaining agreement. MLS commissioner Don Garber has spoken of late about the league's financial woes but then it turns around and pays Gerrard more than $115,000 per week. Meanwhile, dozens of MLS players make less than $50,000 a year.

The fact that Gerrard will be playing for the Galaxy will also rankle some, as many American fans believe that the league bends over backward to accommodate the SoCal franchise at every turn.

What do you think of the signing? Good for the league? Wish Gerrard were heading somewhere other than Los Angeles? Tell us below.

John Godfrey is the founder and editor in chief of American Soccer Now.

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