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Morning Read: The U.S. Is 'A Work in Progress'

The Americans prepare to take on Guatemala in Kansas City while a trio of talents down in Mexico get on the field and on the scoresheet and a little love for the beautiful game in the U.S.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 15, 2012
5:19 AM
  • The United States team is, well, let the players tell it to The Kansas City Star:
    Michael Bradley: “It’s a work in progress for sure. It always is for any team. ... I think there have been a lot of games along the way where it’s been really good. Of course, like in anything, there’s been times along the way where it’s maybe not as good as we had hoped. That’s part of (the progress).”
    Clint Dempsey: "We're still trying to figure out what’s going to work best for us. The most important thing is you put yourself in position to get out of the group and to qualify for the World Cup. That’s when you’re really going to be able to gauge what kind of style we play.”

  • The Americans face Guatemala tomorrow needing a point, and ASN's Brent Latham has the best preview you'll read about the Chapines.

  • The best quote about Carlos Ruiz, Guatemala's best player, comes from Tim Howard via Soccer Insider:
    “I admire his tenacity. I’ve seen a lot of foreigners come and go [in MLS], pack their bathing suits and take a vacation. Carlos was one of those guys who really embraced the league, scrapped and fought, and was a big part of some good teams. He is a tough bugger. He really gets stuck in. He is one of those great forwards that is hungry, that is greedy. Even though he is not a monster in terms of size, he is a handful."
    And on Ruiz's tendency to dive: “That’s part of the game, and he does it well. The best forwards in the world do it well. They bring attention to their individual battle and make the referee take notice.” You've been warned, Stars and Stripes.

  • Forbes (Forbes!) has a story on the Golden Age of Long Form Soccer Writing. We completely agree.

  • A strong weekend for the Yanks in Mexico. Jonathan Bornstein got 90 minutes, Jose Torres led the central midfield, and Greg Garza scored for Tijuana:
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