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Morning Read: The End of the Beckham Experiment

The David Beckham era is rapidly coming to a close in Major League Soccer; Michael Bradley continues to dominate the competition; Clint Dempsey earns some just rewards.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 20, 2012
3:47 AM
  • David Beckham. David Beckham. David Beckham. He's not American but he arguably did more to put the game on the map in the United States than anyone else. And now he's leaving. The LA Galaxy star will play his last match during MLS Cup before jetting off to glamourous parts unknown. (Newest rumor on the street: The Melbourne Heart. But he'll be back in the States soon enough.) We can sit here and debate his legacy forever, but we'll just say this: Becks was vitally important to MLS's early success, but they will be just fine without him.

  • Two words: Michael Bradley.

  • Clint Dempsey is your U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year, and deservedly so.

  • Ever wondered what MLS can learn from the J League? Look no further than this post, which offers some interesting ideas but also understates the success of the American domestic league.

  • There's plenty of Champions League action today, including Michael Parkhurst in Denmark and Oguchi Onyewu in Russia.

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