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Morning Read: Much Ado About Mr. Bocanegra

Jurgen Klinsmann has some wise words about the future of the United States national team captain; a New York Red Bull "star" says goodbye; Teal Bunbury goes into party-planner mode.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 13, 2012
4:19 AM
  • What to do about Carlos Bocanegra? Jurgen Klinsmann has some ideas, which is good. The coach's words from Steve Davis' excellent breakfast with Jurgen series: "Carlos is a tremendous leader. He leads by example. The way he is kind of fighting through his career [with Rangers and the unfortunate, forced switch into Spain] … every time he comes into camp with us, he is still a role model. That’s why it’s important to have him around. At the same time, I tell Carlos, ‘The other ones are knocking at your door! Geoff Cameron broke in, Clarence [Goodson] is not happy sitting on the bench. Gooch [Oguchi Onyewu] is waiting for his moment. Omar Gonzalez is a name who will become part of that future, too. … We have had Matt Besler come in. There are other center backs who want your spot. He knows that. But he is standing his ground.” To me, this is the story of the USMNT in 2013, both from a backline perspective and a leadership one. If Klinsmann gets this right, the Americans can go far at the World Cup. If not, at least the beaches in Brazil are nice.

  • The New York Red Bulls and Rafa Marquez are parting ways after a pretty disastrous year and a half. “This decision has been made in the best interests of both parties concerned,” Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh said in a statement, which is Scottish for "sayonara."

  • Mix Diskerud, who is bouncing around the American southwest, is drawing closer to finding a new club. If I were a manager, I would sign him. Granted, I'm not, but still.

  • From the correlation is absolutely, 100 percent causation or maybe not department:

  • But will they talk about playing for the US of A?

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