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Morning Read: Michael Bradley Is the General

The midfielder finds a perfect spot for his skills after a long journey through Europe; the latest on Landon is that there isn't any latest; the U-20s prepare to train in Florida.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 14, 2012
2:52 AM
  • It turns out that Michael Bradley is perfect for Serie A. "I think in Italy that [unheralded] work, that job is not as unsung," Bradley tells Fox Soccer. "When you look at the best Italian teams, whether it’s in the national team or their best club teams, there’s always a real appreciation for players in all positions, but especially those in the midfield who are able to sacrifice themselves." Here's an idea: Michael Bradley fits in anywhere.

  • Just in case you weren't entirely clear, Landon Donovan is unlikely to play for Everton this winter. Or, if you're writing from England, Everton is unlikely to secure the services of Landon Donovan this winter. I know he's one of the biggest stars in American soccer, but please, everyone, stop writing about him until there is news. You know what's not going to make him come back faster? More speculation about when he's going to come back.

  • Tab Ramos announced the 24 players who will join him for a camp in Florida that starts on Saturday. Headliners include Marc Pelosi, Luis Gil, and Cody Cropper. Issues include the complete lack of centerbacks and the difficulty of pronouncing Boyd Okwuonu's name. The U.S. will attempt to qualify for the 2013 U-20 World Cup during the CONCACAF Championship between February 18 and March 3 in Puebla, Mexico.

  • What do footballers do when they retire? Well, Alexi Lalas runs 12 miles and Marcus Hahnemann drinks a beer. That and more from ASN friend Zac Rigg.

  • Dax McCarty as MLS's version of Xavi? Well, they are both small. And good at passing. So that's a start.

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