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Morning Read: Stuart Holden Is Back at Bolton

The injured central midfielder is back in England after a long rehab stretch in the United States, while Freddy Adu is happy for Eddie Johnson and Maurice Edu is on the move.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 18, 2012
4:30 AM
  • Stuart Holden will return to training in England after finishing his rehab in Delaware. There's still a long road back for the central midfielder, but returning to the country where he plays is a major plus. The floundering Wanderers could use all the help they can get, even if it's just emotional support. In other Holden news, he will continue wearing a Livestrong bracelet.

    "Regardless of the mistakes @lancearmstrong made on the bike, I wholeheartedly respect him 4 his work with @Livestrong + the fight vs cancer," he tweeted in a series of positive messages for Lance Armstrong and the charity he headed until Wednesday.

  • Freddy Adu can take a little credit for the resurgence of Eddie Johnson. The Philly talent, who knows a thing or two about high expectations placed upon young men, called the current Sounders striker and new national team hero last year when things looked bad.

    “I’m so proud of him right now,” Adu told MLSSoccer.com. “People don’t understand there’s a lot of pressure on us. When you’re going through what he went through–seven or eight months without a team–that’s hard. Sometimes you just sit there and think, ‘Man, what am I doing wrong?’ And you go through it alone because you don’t want anyone else to know you’re going through hard times.”

    Perhaps Adu sees inspiration in Johnson's journey as well.

  • The semifinals are over. Now, it's time for the next round and CONCACAF officials will meet Friday in an attempt to hash out a schedule that works for all six teams. Failing that (likely), FIFA will hold a draw on November 7.

  • There's no rest for the weary. Maurice Edu is back in England almost immediately after helping the U.S. qualify for the Hexagonal. He will look to win a job at Stoke City. The life of an international footballer is exhausting, no?

  • And finally, not American soccer-related: A brothel in Greece is sponsoring amateur club Voukefalas. Just throwing that out there in case your rec league squad needs a bit of revenue.

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