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ASN 100 Analysis

USMNT Vet Jimmy Conrad Talks ASN 100

The ASN 100 rankings are intended to spark conversations, so let's have one right here. We asked Kick TV and U.S. national team veteran Jimmy Conrad a few questions about his choices.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 16, 2012
10:20 AM
1) Name one player you think should be ranked higher. Why?
Stuart Holden because he's as cute as a button.

2) Who do you think should be ranked lower. Why?
Though he's had an unbelievable career, Brad Friedel should be ranked lower because he doesn’t factor into our National Team anymore.

3) Will Bruin or Jack Mac?
Will Bruin

4) Clint Dempsey beat out Michael Bradley by one point. Who ya got? And why?
I recently came out with this informercial in support of Michael Bradley, which you can watch below, and which claims that Mikey will end up having the best career in Europe when all is said and done. However, if you take into consideration what they have accomplished thus far, Clint has him beat so I believe the rankings are correct.

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