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One Question, Five Answers

How Does the U.S. Define Success Against Mexico?

Let's cut to the chase shall we? We asked various members of the United States national team to define success. Here are their individual takes, presented side by side for your perusal and dissection.
BY John Godfrey Posted
March 25, 2013
7:04 PM

the question

How do you define success against Mexico, and what will it take to deliver a successful performance at Azteca?

The answers

: We are here not only to get a result. We want a win here. That is our goal.

GRAHAM ZUSI: A result would be fantastic. You’re almost expected to win all of your home games, but a point here and there on the road is really big for qualifying. If we can get that point, that would definitely be a success. If we can steal all three, that would be incredible.

OMAR GONZALEZ: Both of those would be a major success for us—a point or all three. I think we’re definitely pulling for those three points. I think it’s going to take really good organization between the whole team and having the same goal and knowing what each other has to do. With that comes being able to fight for each other for 90 minutes-plus. I think if we do that, and put forth the effort and play good soccer, we’ll get three points.

HERCULEZ GOMEZ: What do I consider success? Three points. That would be success for me. But that’s what I want out of any game, whether club or country. I know it’s a difficult venue to play in but I don’t think it’s an impossible venue to play in.

MICHAEL BRADLEY: We want points. There’s no telling how the game goes. You can walk out of here with a point and feel good. But having said that, if you walk away with a point having played really well you look back and say maybe we wanted three. You have to read the game. It’s a game that comes at a good time for us. We’re excited. It’s a huge challenge. As players, these are the games you want to play. We’ve come here to get a result, whether it’s one or it’s three. We always have an incredible amount of respect for them. We have an incredible amount of respect for the atmosphere they create at Azteca. But we’re not scared.

OK, U.S. soccer fans, now it's your turn. How do you define a successful outing tomorrow against El Tri? Share your thoughts below.

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