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Direct from San Jose

Calmly Sitting in the Sunshine Before the Storm

It's afternoon in Costa Rica, and our heroic correspondent had battled through the misery of JFK and Orlando to reach his destination well ahead of the American team. When in Rome, or whatever.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 03, 2013
2:07 PM
POOLSIDE IN SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA—Upon arrival at a hotel, American Soccer Now bylaws require traveling reporters to immediately find the nearest body of lightly chlorinated water and file.

So, here I am, your humble servant, typing away while business travelers lunch at the Wyndham-San Jose Herradura Hotel. Moments ago, I took the picture above from the window in my room. #nofilter

In three days, the United States will take on the home country in the seventh match of the Hexagonal. But you know that. What you might not know is that the U.S. team will arrive shortly after journeying from Miami.

The Costa Rican ultras are already here.

And the snow in Costa Rica is red. ("Today's top story, the streets of San Jose run red with Klinsmann's blood." If you get that reference, you are my favorite.)

I haven't seen any U.S. jerseys. Sounds like they are ready and waiting in Columbus, which is wonderful.

The real fun starts tomorrow with training and press conferences, and all that good stuff. I'll be back early and often. But now, ASN protocol calls for a beer, and far be it from me to break the rules.

Noah Davis is ASN's deputy editor. He gets all the hard assignments.

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