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ASN Morning Read: What About Bob?

This is a site about American soccer, but the biggest news yesterday was American soccer-adjacent as Bob Bradley lost his job at Swansea City after just 11 games. That's not a lot of time.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 28, 2016
3:05 AM
  • How do you say "it's not entirely his fault that his defense couldn't stop a dull knife" in Welsh?: "The former U.S. men's national team coach inherited a very bad team that continued to play poorly under his tenure. His lone goal was to keep Swansea in the Premier League but after two wins, two draws, and six losses, staying in the top flight looked very difficult no matter what happened in the transfer window. The Welsh club now sits in 19th place and is four points from safety. Here are a few thoughts on his dismissal."

  • He will land on his feet, hopefully:
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  • Tomorrow is now today:
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