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ASN Morning Read: Welcome Back, Mia Hamm

It's not like she ever left, but the press-averse former star is slowly working her way back into the sport that made her famous; Jurgen Klinsmann has a fan in the NASL; Landon Donovan's final year.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 06, 2014
8:05 AM
  • Mia Hamm! "There’s really no debating it: The biggest U.S.-born soccer star of all time is Mia Hamm, and that’s still the case in 2014, 10 years after she retired from her playing career. Hamm has led a relatively quiet life for the past decade in the Los Angeles area with her husband, former baseball star Nomar Garciaparra, and their three children: twin girls Ava and Grace, now 7, and son Garrett, 2. But twice in the past week Hamm has made big news reentering the public sphere. First she joined the board of directors of the newly ambitious Italian club AS Roma, and then Hamm was announced as part of the star-studded list of minority owners—along with Garciaparra, Magic Johnson, Tony Robbins, Vincent Tan and others—in the new Los Angeles Football Club, which is set to join MLS in 2017. Hamm, now 42, laughed when asked if she was starting to go public more often moving forward."

  • Speaking of that, LAFC's owners are super rich. Must be nice. Now go find a stadium.

  • NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson thinks Jurgen Klinsmann is doing just a dandy job with the United States men's national team: “We have to get beyond being happy that we participated in the World Cup,” Peterson continues. “We have been doing this a long time! It’s time to sort of take an American stance—how do we win the World Cup? I am not putting words in his mouth, but I think if you ask Jurgen, he is trying to win the World Cup. Everybody in the sport needs to double down on the work and sacrifice in order to do that."

  • There are some fascinating Major League Soccer conference semifinal matches coming up this weekend, and ASN herded together seven writers to discuss the matches and predict the outcomes. There is also some light taunting.

  • Let's talk about Landon Donovan's 2014 campaign. Or, rather, let's let Matthew Doyle do it:
  • Can the United States win the 2018 World Cup?
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