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ASN Morning Read: The Reinforcements Arrive

Like Jon Snow calling in the men on the wall (haven't watched the premiere yet; no spoilers, please), Bruce Arena was like, "Hey, I sure could use some help to win the Gold Cup."
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 17, 2017
7:00 AM
  • The six new faces: Tim Howard, Jesse Gonzalez, Michael Bradley, Darlington Nagbe, Jozy Altidore, and Clint Dempsey. On the outs: Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson, Cristian Roldan, Alejandro Bedoya, Kelyn Rowe, and Dom Dwyer. 

  • Not everyone in the ASN family shares the Kelyn Rowe love but we'll defer to el jefeArena Bounces Rowe and Dwyer from Gold Cup Squad

  • We may be in the minority here: Penalty Kick Woes and the Emergence of Kelyn Rowe

  • Here for this take: "From the outset of this Gold Cup, it was the plan of U.S men's national team manager Bruce Arena to add six players to his roster at the conclusion of the group stage. The tournament rules allow it, and Arena took full advantage. All of which seems kind of a shame."

  • How did you think the players fared against Nicaragua? Why don't you rate them?

  • This is... a stat:
  • He's back...

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