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ASN Morning Read: Let's Talk about Terrence Boyd

According to the rumor mill, the German-American might be coming to Major League Soccer. But where will he land?; will David Beckham and his Miami franchise ever launch.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 13, 2016
8:00 AM
  • Jozy Altidore is your Male Player of the Year, and that's the right call given the nominees (although the real right call is Christian Pulisic, but one suspects he'll have more opportunities):
  • In a story that should make ASN EIC John Godfrey happy, Terrence Boyd appears to be coming to the New York Red Bulls. That's fun. 
  • When is MLS going to admit that Beckham to Miami is not going to happen

  • Seattle a Worthy Winner; Toronto a Fave for 2017

  • A long look at the man behind Football Leaks: There he sits, the man everyone is trying to find, police and detectives alike. He's being hunted by the largest European football clubs and the most powerful agents -- constantly on the run because so many have so much to fear, for their money and their secrets. But there he is, sitting as a fan in the stands of Hamburg's football stadium. He calls himself John and is holding his fifth cup of beer in his right hand. On the pitch, Hamburger SV is once again losing badly. The away fans are chanting: "Second division! Hamburg is coming! John laughs. He is still able to, despite everything."

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