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ASN Morning Read: Three Days Until the Quarters

The United States men are in Seattle, preparing for Thursday night's clash with Ecuador in the Copa America quarterfinals and their coach had some things to address including the defense and projectile fish.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
June 14, 2016
8:50 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann held court with a Facebook Live Q&A on Monday from Seattle.

On video review: "I think we’re 20 years behind sports like the NBA and NFL. Let’s give the referees all the help they can get to make the right decision."

On the defense: "Finally we had a stretch of time then when (John Brooks and Geoff Cameron) were not only healthy but fit and they sent out signals. Right now, the partnership with Geoff Cameron and John Brooks looks very, very good, looks intimidating for the opponents."

Most importantly, on his suspended right back and the Pike Place Fish Market: "Maybe we'll throw a fish and have DeAndre Yedlin catch it because he made that mistake with the two yellows."


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