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ASN Morning Read: Clint Dempsey Is Back

The man, the myth, the legend returns to Major League Soccer action and scores, because of course he does; the Under-20s prevail in Costa Rica; the American women struggle.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 06, 2017
8:05 AM
  • America wins:
  • America loses: U.S. Attack Sputters Again as England Steals a Win.

  • This is a good piece on Freddy Adu: "At some point, of course, every child star ceases to be a child. And when the commercials stop airing, and their names fade from our memories, they cease to bear the burden of our projections. It’s then that we’re left to ask why we had to put so much weight on them in the first place."

  • Clint Clint Clint:
  • Yeah, not so sure about this whole standing for the anthem idea:

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