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ASN Morning Read: Bobby Wood Owns a Cannon

The young American forward opts to use a howitzer to score a goal, and it works; the United States national team coach says some nice things about Major League Soccer; who will make the Jan camp roster?
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 18, 2016
9:25 PM
  • Bruce Arena: "Probably two-thirds of the pool is comprised of players from Major League Soccer. So this camp's going to be very important. US Soccer has anywhere [from], by anyone's count, 10 to 20 players that are outside the US, and by that I refer to players in England, Germany, Scotland and Mexico. Therefore, we are going to depend on a lot of players from Major League Soccer. The January camp is...going to answer some question marks we have."

  • The ongoing feud between the women's national team and the United States Soccer Federation doesn't look like it's going to end soon

  • Projecting the January camp roster? Let's do it.

  • "Bobby Wood for Hamburg, and that's all he does"
  • Alfredo Morales also scored:

  • Your 2017 soccer calendar.

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