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So Close

The ASN 101-110: Where Did You Go, Daniel Cuevas?

The Under-20 star used an excellent tournament to vault into the top 100 in July, but now he's no where to be found. How far did the attacker fall? And why can't Sebastian Lletget catch a break?
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 31, 2013
11:00 AM
The new ASN 100 is here, no big deal, and, well, there aren't many changes at the top. So let's talk about the bottom.

Paul Arriola, Chris Klute, Dillon Powers, and (finally) Luis Silva made the list, which means that four players dropped out. Sadface.

Who? Well, funny you should ask.

Teal Bunbury was 100 but now he's 101. Man, that's close. Lamar Neagle made a brief appearance on the list, checking in at 96, but he fell all the way down to 104. A pretty massive drop. But not as far as Daniel Cuevas fell.

The attacker was 93 in July, a strong showing for the rising star. But he did next to nothing over the past two months and saw himself plummet 12 spots to 105. Ouch. The ASN 100 can be a brutal mistress. Here are the rest of the players who just missed.

101. Teal Bunbury
102. Eddie Gaven
103. Sebastian Lletget
104. Lamar Neagle
105. Daniel Cuevas
106. Shane O’Neill
107. Zak Whitbread
108. Austin Berry
109. A.J. Soares
110. Michael Farfan

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