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12 Great Photos: Today's U.S. Soccer Training

ISI's John Todd isn't just the nicest guy on the planet—he's also a tremendous photographer. He took these shots today, September 3, at the U.S. soccer team's training in South Florida. Enjoy.
BY staff Posted
September 03, 2013
2:32 PM
AMERICAN SOCCER NOW Deputy Editor Noah Davis is traveling with the United States men's soccer team and will be reporting from both San Jose, Costa Rica, and Columbus, Ohio. So be sure to check back here over the next week for all of the news and analysis you've come to expect from ASN.

While Noah waits for his luggage to arrive on the carousel in Miami, we thought we would post a few of the great photos John Todd took at today's U.S. soccer practice.

Words? Schmerds. Go!

Getting excited for Friday's game? ASN promises to keep you in the know over the next week, and beyond.

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