USA vs. Honduras

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Eric Beard

about 5 years

Team No Width It's sexy, right? I do think Klinsmann will go ahead with a conservative approach, as taking a point from the first game in any group is something to build upon, if nothing else. Better to take a small step forward than fall into a hole, etc. That being said, I hope Omar starts because he needs to be a key figure at some point on the road to 2014. Inexperience may show, but it's a decision with little risk given what we've already seen from him. Herc has experience on the wing, and he's as prepared for a CONCACAF environment as anyone. Jermaine Jones is reliable to do everything we know and love (and hate) him for. This could be a 4-4-2, but chances are Deuce won't be happy with the service he's getting, which means it'll transform into this. I think this is a game that sees Jozy serve as a target man and constantly pressure, likely giving Deuce and Herc the more open chances.


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